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  • 1.Are you a breeder?
    We are a small, local AKC-registered breeder in Queens, NYC. We only have a limited number of puppies every year and have been in this business for about seven years. We exclusively breed red-colored purebred Toy Poodles and do not breed any other colors or breeds. We put in great efforts to provide the best red-colored Toy Poodles in NYC; sometimes people also refer to this color as 'apricot.' All our puppies are purebred, certified by the AKC, the registry of purebred dog pedigrees in the United States.
  • 2. How much you charge for a puppy?
    Due to the pandemic and chaos, many people are realizing they need a pet companion. We are receiving a high volume of inquiries, so the price will remain on the high end
  • 3.Why are your puppies so expensive?
    We are an AKC-registered Toy Poodle breeder, and we adhere to all the rules and regulations. All our puppies come with AKC registration and a three-generation pedigree, guaranteeing their purebred status. Located in NYC, where there aren't many Toy Poodle breeders, we take pride in offering the highest quality puppies in the city and even along the East Coast. Our puppies are incredibly popular.
  • 4. What is included in the price?
    All our puppies come with AKC registration, their first shots, and up to six months of health protection. We also provide pet food and a travel bag if necessary. Please be aware that our puppies are sold for pet purposes only and not for breeding or any other use. Breeding the dog is not allowed, and this restriction will be reflected in the puppy sale contract and AKC registration.
  • 5. Do you ship?
    No, we don't offer shipping services because no shipper can guarantee 100% puppy safety in ground or air cargo shipping. Instead, all our buyers are required to come to my home to meet the puppy for pickup.
  • 6. If I want to buy, what should I do?"
    Please subscribe to our website and text me at 929-462-6816 for pricing and availability. I will respond to your text as soon as possible, typically within a few hours. If you're satisfied with the price, you are welcome to place a deposit or meet the puppies inperson at my location. If everything goes well, you have two payment options: you can either pay the full amount and take the puppy home immediately, or you can place a deposit and return at a later time with the full payment. We take payment by cash. We apologize, but we cannot accept other payment methods due to past issues with checks and electronic transfers. The AKC registration will be transferred to your name once we receive the full payment. You will receive emails promptly from the AKC regarding the AKC registration.
  • 7. Can I see the picture of the parents?
    We discovered that some other breeders have used our puppies' parent's pictures. Please don't worry; you can come and meet us in person.
  • 8. How big is a full-grown puppy?
    My puppy is of toy size, with both parents weighing around 7.5 pounds. Therefore, the puppies are expected to reach a similar size when fully grown. However, I cannot guarantee the exact size of a fully grown puppy, as it depends on factors such as diet, gender, and genetics. It is clear that there can be size differences among puppies from the same litter.
  • 9. Are your puppies healthy?
    I never pay extra vet bills for the parents besides vaccines and regular vet checkups. I am offering up to 6 month health protection. Please be aware that you are supposed to take the puppy to a vet for an examination within the 7days of purchase.
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