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  • 1.Are you a breeder?
    We are a small local AKC registered breeder in Queens, NYC. We only have a limited number of puppies every year. We have been in this business for about five years. We only breed red color pure breed toy poodle. We don't breed any other color or any other breeds. We absolutely put great efforts to provide the best red color toy poodle in this area. Sometimes people also call this color apicot. All our puppies are pure breed which is certified by AKC, the registry of purebred dog pedigrees in the United States.
  • 2. How much you charge for a puppy?
    Due to the pandemic and chaos, many people realize they need a pet companion. We are seeing a high volume of inquires. So, the price will remain on the high end.
  • 3.Why are your puppies so expensive?
    We are an AKC registered toy poodle breeder. We do everything by the rules. All our puppies will have AKC registration and three generation pedigree so we guarantee our toy poodle puppies are pure-bread. We live in NYC, there aren’t many toy poodle breeders here, and we have the highest quality puppies in the city, or even the east coast. Our puppies are so popular, the price goes up up every year. Plus it’s NYC, everything can happen here.
  • 4. What is included in the price?
    All our puppy will come with AKC registration, pedigree, first shots and 30 day health guarantee with full refund if you return the puppy. Pet food and travel bag is provided if necessary. Please be aware that our puppies are sold for pet only purpose, not for breeding or any other purpose. You are not supposed to breed the dog and this will reflect on the puppy sale contract and AKC registration.
  • 5. Do you ship?
    No. We don’t ship because puppies are too small to take a flight. The NYC puppy market is huge and we don’t need to find buyers outside NYC. All our buyers will come to meet the puppy and parent at my home and pick them up.
  • 6. If I want to buy, what should I do?"
    Please subscribe to our website and text me at 929-462-6816 for price and availability. I will respond to your text every week. If you are Ok with the price, we can put you on a waiting list. Once I have available puppy, we will text everyone on the waiting list first. You have to come to see the puppies. If everything goes well, we will sign a contract, you will pay me the full amount in cash. Sorry, no other payment method because we had all kinds of issues with checks and electronic transfers. The AKC registration takes time because of the title transfer. But eventually, you will receive a package from the AKC that includes all paperwork.
  • 7. Can I see the picture of the parents?
    Sorry, we found that some other breeders stole our parents picture. Don’t worry, you will come and meet us.
  • 8. How big is a full-grown puppy?
    My puppy is toy size, usually it’s about 7-13lbs at full size. Dad is 7lbs and mom is 8lbs. However, I can’t guarantee the size of a full-grown puppy because it depends on feeding, gender and genes. Sometimes tall parents can have short children as well.
  • 9. Are your puppies healthy?
    I never pay extra vet bills for the parents besides vaccines and regular vet checkups. I am offering a 30 day health guarantee. Please be aware that you are supposed to take the puppy to a vet for an examination within the 7days of purchase.
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